The 5 Best Deck Boxes of 2024

The 5 Best Deck Boxes of 2024

A resplendent deck box elevates the charm of your outdoor haven, veiling sundries that might spawn clutter. Such vaults are quintessential for the preservation of open-air gear amid seasonal recesses, gardening implements, piscatorial maintenance tools or diversions, grilling sundries, and a plethora of other items in quest of a dry, sequestered haven under the celestial dome.

In the contemplation of procuring a deck box, two critical considerations emerge spatial needs and the quintessence of its application. For example, if a cornucopia of horticultural instruments necessitates organization, positioning the deck box near the verdant realm enhances its efficacy. 

Thereafter, muse on the quintessential role of your deck box. Does it aim solely for stowage, or does it yearn to double as subsidiary seating?

Informed by these discernments, our evaluation of deck boxes concentrated on their sturdiness, spatial volume, ease of assembly, fortitude against tempestuous weather, visual allure, and overall worth.

Best Overall: Domi Metal Deck Box


If you're on the lookout for a roomy option to keep things like patio cushions, swimming pool accessories, gardening tools, or toys for your pets neatly stashed away, then you'll find the Domi to be a top-notch choice.

This model is a standout for those needing substantial storage, offering a whopping 200-gallon space. It measures an impressive 54.33 inches long, 29.2 inches wide, and 33.1 inches tall, providing ample room for bulky items.

It serves as an excellent enhancement for any deck or patio that could use additional storage. What's more, its sturdy build allows it to serve as a makeshift bench, with the ability to support up to 660 pounds on its lid. For those needing less space, it also comes in other sizes, including 100, 120, 150, and 160 gallons.

Made from Galvanized Steel, this storage solution is designed to resist rust, overcoming common issues faced by wooden models such as decay, splintering, or mold. This means you won't have to constantly apply wood sealant or paint to maintain its appearance. It's built to last through harsh weather conditions, whether it's intense heat, severe cold, or prolonged rainfall.

Its hydraulic piston mechanism ensures a smooth, easy open and close experience, eliminating the struggle with heavy, unwieldy lids or accessing what's inside. A gentle push is all it takes to reveal its contents.

For those concerned about safety, especially when it comes to keeping potentially dangerous items like pool cleaning agents out of reach from children, there's an option to add a lock. Available in two sleek colors, dark gray and dark brown, it blends seamlessly with outdoor decor.

Best Budget: Lifetime 80-gallon Deck Storage Box 

Although it boasts a practical rather than fashionable design, the Lifetime deck box comes at an affordable price and offers an 80-gallon capacity. This makes it an ideal choice for both receiving deliveries on your doorstep and storing items in your backyard. 

Constructed from resin, the box isn't entirely waterproof. However, you have the option to secure it with a lock for added safety. The spring-hinged lid opens smoothly to prevent any accidental finger pinching.

The dimensions of this storage box are 39 inches in length, 24 inches in depth, and 26 inches in height. Its lid can support up to 250 pounds, allowing it to double as a makeshift bench. 

Assembling this deck box might be more challenging compared to other top picks. Color options include a light sandy brown or a combination of light and dark brown for the lid.

Best With Wheels: Keter Capri Deck Box with Wheels

Designed primarily for static storage, the Keter Capri distinguishes itself with a pair of small wheels on one end and a handle. it's worth noting the box isn't fully waterproof. The container boasts an 80-gallon capacity, measuring 48.4 inches in width, 21 inches in depth, and 22.4 inches in height.

The box sports a dark brown wicker appearance, but upon closer inspection, it's evident that it's made of resin, not actual wood. Its lid can support up to 550 pounds, allowing it to double as a bench for additional seating. Additionally, there's an option to secure the contents with a lock. While assembly is straightforward, some purchasers have expressed concerns over its durability.

Best Small: Suncast Water Resistant Storage Bench 

For those in need of a compact storage option, or limited by space, the Suncast resin storage box is a durable choice that promises years of use. Designed to mimic the look of wooden planks, it's immediately apparent that the material is synthetic.

 It offers a storage capacity of 22 gallons, ample room for items like a garden hose, a modest assortment of gardening implements, pool chemicals, or other outdoor essentials.

While the box is built to withstand the elements, it is not fully waterproof. The manufacturer suggests an annual cleaning with soap and water to avoid stains. Featuring a hinged lid for easy access, the box lacks a locking mechanism. 

The top can bear up to 150 pounds, allowing it to double as a bench. However, weighing in at just 9.8 pounds when empty, some users have reported that it can tip over in strong winds, suggesting it might be best kept indoors during inclement weather.

Best Splurge: West Elm Portside Outdoor Storage Trunk

It's undeniably pricey. Crafted from eco-friendly mahogany and eucalyptus wood, it boasts natural oils that provide resistance against weather and moisture damage, complemented by a protective polyurethane coating. 

Despite these features, it's advisable to shield it from severe winter conditions by either covering it with a suitable outdoor furniture cover or storing it inside a garage or shed during the colder months. Note that, like other wooden deck boxes, it isn't waterproof.

This storage trunk is offered in two hues: a weathered gray or a natural driftwood finish, and it is available in two sizes. The dimensions for the smaller version are 47 inches in width, 23.5 inches in depth, and 18.25 inches in height, while the larger version spans 67 inches in width, 29 inches in depth, and 24.6 inches in height. Assembly is required upon purchase, and due to its substantial weight, assistance will be necessary to assemble it properly.

What to Look for In a Deck Box

Size and Storage Capacity

Before you decide on the largest deck box available, consider the actual space needs for your outdoor area. The crucial aspect in choosing a deck box is its size, as the market offers a broad range of dimensions. It's essential to pick one that will fit all the items you intend to store.

If your storage needs include large gardening tools like shovels and wheelbarrows, opting for a bigger deck box might be the best route to ensure there's enough space for all your equipment. Moreover, selecting a deck box that features a lid easy to open and close, with sufficient clearance above, is vital for convenience.

Deck boxes are often measured by their volume in gallons. A practical tip is to mark out the area the deck box will occupy on your patio with chalk. This helps in visualizing the amount of space it will require.

  • For smaller storage needs, consider deck boxes up to 50 gallons. They're ideal for items like garden hoses, a few small gardening tools, outdoor cushions, or pool accessories.
  • If you need a bit more space, a medium-sized deck box can hold a full set of outdoor cushions, many gardening tools, pool toys, or a mix of a hose and gardening supplies.
  • For larger requirements, deck boxes ranging from 101 to 149 gallons are great. They can accommodate a full set of cushions, a wide range of pool toys, multiple fertilizer bags, garden tools, or outdoor games and equipment.
  • For the largest storage needs, opt for deck boxes over 150 gallons. These can store a large collection of gardening tools and supplies, patio umbrellas, big sets of outdoor cushions, pool gear, chemicals, or even firewood.


When choosing a deck box, besides its size, the material it's made from is a key factor to consider. It's wise to select materials that are durable, such as wood or resin, as these can withstand outdoor elements without being damaged or fading.

Deck boxes made of wood often cost more than those crafted from plastic or resin, but they usually look more attractive. Conversely, deck boxes made of plastic are typically easier to maintain and are more resistant to the weather.

The main materials for deck boxes are plastic, resin, and wood, with each offering different benefits and drawbacks.

  • Plastic deck boxes are generally the cheapest and lightest choice. They hold up well against different weather conditions, including extreme ones, but can fade or crack over time. They're good at keeping moisture out, but tend to look simpler and less appealing.
  • Resin deck boxes, made from a plant-based plastic, also handle harsh weather well and are more durable against fading and cracking. They can be shaped into intricate designs, mimicking the look of wood or wicker, making them more visually appealing than plain plastic boxes.
  • Wooden deck boxes are the priciest and heaviest. They can be damaged by rot or splintering unless they're regularly treated for weather and moisture protection. They're not as moisture-resistant as plastic or resin options and do best in covered areas to lessen weather damage.


Your deck box can serve as a versatile storage solution for nearly everything typically found in your backyard. It's perfect for keeping gardening essentials like fertilizer or seeds within easy reach, avoiding the need to search through the garage. 

Similarly, it's ideal for storing pool accessories, including toys, testing kits, chemicals, and upkeep tools, ensuring they're always handy when required.

Additionally, the deck box is great for safeguarding outdoor cushions or bird feeders during the off-season, discreetly storing charcoal or grill fuel, hiding kids' outdoor toys and games, or even tucking away less-sightly items such as pet waste disposal systems.


Do deck boxes maintain dryness inside?

While many deck boxes made of plastic or resin are quite good at resisting the elements, not all are capable of keeping the contents dry. Water may infiltrate if the lid is not secure. Similarly, if the deck box has a flimsy bottom, it might not prevent water from getting in if there is standing water underneath. 

To ensure the inside stays dry, opt for a deck box labeled waterproof rather than merely weather-resistant. Wooden deck boxes are less reliable for keeping moisture out compared to those made of plastic or resin.

Is it okay to keep deck boxes outside all winter?

Yes, deck boxes made of resin, plastic, or wood can typically remain outside during the winter months. However, if you live in a region with harsh or wet winter conditions, it might be wise to invest in a tight-fitting cover to protect your box from weather damage.

As winter approaches, it's a good idea to empty the box of items that could be damaged by the cold, like pool chemicals, birdseed, or any other materials that are sensitive or could deteriorate in low temperatures.

What is the lifespan of a deck box?

If you invest in a quality deck box, it can last for numerous years, assuming it isn't misused—for example, by children using it as an impromptu trampoline.

To extend the life of your deck box, especially if it's wooden, consider applying a protective coating periodically. Also, place it in a location that avoids standing water and keep it away from high heat sources like fire pits or barbecue grills. Make sure the lid is securely closed when not in use, and avoid pulling it across abrasive surfaces.


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